Why Pratumnak Hill is a great place to live

The Pratumnak Hill area of Pattaya City is a great place to live and a great residential area. Among locals it is also known as the Beverly Hills of Pattaya, and rightly so, as it is primarily on Pratumnak Hill that you find the big mansions and exclusive beach front villas but Pratumnak also has a wide variety of condominium developments. Pratumnak is ideally located if you want to be close to all the action of Pattaya but do not want to live right in the middle of it. Pratumnak is the area between south Pattaya and Jomtien and both down town Pattaya and Jomtien is just 5 minutes away.

What to do on Pratumnak Hill

As Pratumnak primarily is a residential area you would think that there would not be a lot of things to do for entertainment. Well, there are not hundreds of options but there are a few good ones. In Pratumnak soi 4 by the Asia Pattaya hotel you find a very nice par 9 golf course where you can just pay and play and the golf course is open from 6 am to 6 pm daily.

Pattaya Park s located on Pratumnak Hill and among their attractions is the Pattaya Park Water, Pataya Fun Park and the Pattaya Park Tower. The water park has water slides, a whirlpool and a beach is located infront so you can also choose just to relax on the private beach. The Fun Park is a small Tivoli with different fun attractions including the Tower shot which is the first of the kind in Thailand. From the Pattaya Park Tower, you can enjoy great views over the entire Pattaya and Jomtien when dining in one of the revolving restaurants.

Between soi 6 and 7 there is a large night market where you can find many of the same things as on all the other markets but at this market there also is a live band playing in the evening and the atmosphere is good with many tables for people to eat or enjoy a cold beer while listening to the music. It is well worth a visit.

If you enjoy jogging or long walks Pratumnak will also be perfect as you on the Buddha Mountain have a measured 1,430 meters long jogging track. You can also choose to use the promenade along the beach which stretches for almost 10 kilometers from Pratumnak to Na Jomtien.

Where to eat on Pratumnak Hill

Almost everywhere in Thailand, you will find small Thai restaurants nearby and the same goes for Pratumnak but on Pratumnak there is an especially Thai restaurant that is worth a visit. It is located between soi 4 and 5 and just across from Star Beach Condotel and is a big favorite among locals. It is rumored that the main chef is cooking for members of the royal family when they visit Pattaya.

When it comes to restaurants serving a top international cuisine there are just too many restaurants to mention them all but if you enjoy fine dining, Pratumnak is definitely a great place live.

A long time favorite among expats in Pattaya is Au Bon Coin that serves a French cuisine. It is a must visit restaurant as the food is outstanding and dining at Au Bon Coin feels more like you are visiting a friend’s home for dinner than a 5-star restaurant. The restaurant is located between soi 5 and 6 and it can very difficult to find as there is only a very small sign out by the street. I personally drove past the place 3 or 4 times before I finally found it.

Other restaurants that are close by are Bruno’s Restaurant, Café Des amis and Gian’s Restaurant. They are not exactly on Pratumnak Hill but as they are located along Thappraya road they are well worth mentioning. The first two restaurants are by many considered the best restaurants in Pattaya and in my opinion Gian’s Restaurant is up there in the same league.

I don’t think many people ever go the Royal Cliff Resort to eat in one of their top restaurants. Mostly it is because people are unaware of the restaurants but Royal Cliff has more than 10 very good restaurants including the Italian Rossini restaurant (The godfather’s favorite) which easily is the best Italian restaurant in Pattaya.

On Pratumnak Hill you also find some nice beach front restaurants and bars that are perfect for a late afternoon cocktail or early dinner to enjoy the sunset over Koh Larn. Places such as Golden Cliff restaurant and Cliff Seaview restaurant  are nice places to go.

Where to live on Pratumnak Hill

Where you want to live that is of course depending on your budget and if you prefer to live in a house or a condo. If you prefer to stay in a house there are house on Pratumnak from 5 million baht to 100 million baht. And when it comes to condos the entry price can be less than 1 million baht.

When it comes to condominium buildings there are a few that stands out when it comes to both construction quality and location. If you prefer a decent sized quality condo then Siam Royal Ocean View is a good choice as it is build to a much higher quality than you usually see in Thailand. The condo size is from 93 sqm and up and the purchase prices start from 7.9 million baht and rental condos start from 35,000 baht per month.

The Vision is situated on the highest developed land on Pratumnak Hill and from the pool deck you have a 360 degree view over the entire Pattaya and Jomtien which is quite unique. Rental prices in The Vision stats from around 15,000 baht per month for a 36 sqm 1 bedroom condo and the sales prices varies greatly depending on location in the building.

There currently are a couple of nice condominiums going up in Pratumnak as well and worth mentioning is One Tower and Sands which both will be great condominiums when completed.

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